Typhoon 8 in Hong Kong : Dangerous or Disappointing?

Typhoons in Hong Kong are an interesting, wet experience. They’re the equivalent of a hurricane. I’ve seen ancient trees felled by the wind and huge glass windows sucked out of their frame whole; resulting in a screaming whirlwind of roaring tempest. Mudslides have wiped out lower Baguio Villas and Central has been completely flooded, sweeping cars and people around like leaves on a fast flowing stream. While all of that sounds very dramatic, it’s not very common.
NOTE : Nowadays the main danger of typhoons lays in falling objects being loosened and thrown by the wind, which is why the Hong Kong Observatory issues these precautionary measures to prevent injury during typhoons.
Taping windows with big X’s is a tried-and-tested practice to prevent glass from shattering when hit by small flying stones. The Central Mid Levels escalator is closed during Typhoon 8, and most taxis aren’t willing to drive, though it’s common to find some that will charge hundreds for a journey in the rough weather.
With umbrellas being blown inside out and rain pelting from all angles, it’s generally most pleasant to consider Typhoon 8 days a great reason to curl up with a hot meal and a good movie or book.


Raven Tao is a real estate specialist and media personality based in Hong Kong. She loves arts and culture, is fascinated by fashion and luxury, and is passionate about all things house and home. For more updates, LIKE her Facebook Page or visit www.RavenTao.com


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