Best Storage Tips For Small Hong Kong Apartments

Here are storage tips to keep in mind, from the 7 Top Tips For Inside Your Hong Kong Home.

Under Bed Storage : The biggest must-have in a small Hong Kong apartment, since it’s likely that this bed is going to be taking up much of the bedroom. Best to get a bed with a hydraulic lift system that can store all the seasonal wardrobe extras, spare sheets and other items.

Under Sofa Storage : Great to have especially if the unit also doubles as a sofa bed, which many ikea units and others do. Side storage fitted against the side of a sofa can be a useful small tabletop and hold DVD’s and other household miscellany like candles or magazines.

TV Storage Units : Useful for so many things! They maximize wall space and can store all kinds of home essentials as well as display art or showcase items with well-placed mini spotlights.

Kitchen Wall Vertically Hanging Pots and Pans : Great for making use of those spaces beside the stove, above a countertop or even on the side of the refrigerator if your kitchen is ‘typically Hong Kong tiny’.

Folding Dining Tables : The incredible Skovby SM101 dining unit boasts inner storage and a stainless steel top, which can probably be roughly replicated at home design stores in Wanchai and North Point or other options explored in Ikea.

Coffee Table Storage : Multi purpose storage spaces, these can house hollow Ottomans which double as spare seats or footrests as well as useful extra storage space.

Creative Wardrobe Designs : These are essential for making the most of limited wardrobe space and are best found in Ikea Hong Kong or designed in the the Wanchai or North Point furniture design stores.

Hanging Plants Atop Shelving : This doesn’t save much space but it does add a beautiful element to very practical storage units, improves your air quality, and gives a homey feel.

Amazing site Apartment Therapy has a treasure trove of ideas and information on design, decorating and storage for small apartment spaces. It’s worth a look!

Raven Tao is a real estate specialist and media personality based in Hong Kong. She loves arts and culture, is fascinated by fashion and luxury, and is passionate about all things house and home. For more updates, LIKE her Facebook Page or visit


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