Is Black & White The Style For Your Apartment?

This style is more challenging to pull off than is expected. In essence, the theme of this apartment is either heavily white with black accents, or heavily black with white accents. A good dose of green plant life completes the design in a comforting way.
NOTE  : Forethought and restraint is required with this style, as major items such as couchesbookshelves, tables, vases and other storage items should mostly be kept in the theme of black or white. Other household items like books and art will bring the colour to this space, so be sure to make choices for the base accordingly.
Very popular when done well, there are some excellent examples of the use of this theme in Hong Kong, where the limited space makes white interiors a popular choice, and the black accents add a touch of elegance that is easy to accomplish for its simplicity. Unlike Bohemian or Glamorous Style, mixing and matching won’t be as crafty or creatively oriented, but Black & White Style does share overlap in the white themes of Romantic Style and Minimalist Style.

Raven Tao is a real estate specialist and media personality based in Hong Kong. She loves arts and culture, is fascinated by fashion and luxury, and is passionate about all things house and home. For more updates, LIKE her Facebook Page or visit


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