The Saturday Club : Delicious! Giando Lives Up To Its Famous Reputation

Magnifico! Giando lives up to its famed reputation as being a favourite hot spot for delicious italian food.

Located on the first floor of the little two storey naval building, Giando’s welcomes us with a bright little entry area decorated with vintage items. Long windows stretch down the side of the restaurant and allow ample light in with a view of the harbour and the new promenade.

We walk in to the spacious restaurant and say hello to Gianni, the chef and owner of Giando’s, who has become one of the best beloved chefs in Hong Kong since his stint as head chef of Isola.

Walking past the meats and cheeses pantries, we are seated at our table and start nibbling on the most delicious little bread basket that I’ve had (rivalled only by the freshly bread baked at the old mandarin). Crisp, flavourful and delicious, we are so engrossed in our bread and chatter that it takes us a while to order. When we do, the food arrives promptly and in perfect order – almost without us noticing. The service is smooth as silk.

Our table is covered with a variety of foods – there are meats and pastas as well as the speciality egg with pea puree dish.

The presentation is beautiful and Gianni comes around to our table to say hello, which he’s also doing with the rest of the restaurant, which is wonderfully full for a sunny Saturday.

While finding Fenwick Pier can be a little confusing for taxi drivers, it’s a quaint location that is definitely worth a visit and every guest to attend has effusive praise and five stars to give the meal.

So, if you’ve been thinking of going, go now. You’ll want to go again.


Fleet Arcade : Vintage Walk
What a blast from the past. This quaint little arcade looks like it’s been flash-frozen in the 90’s. Curios and souvenir shops merge with old painting, book and tailoring premises. It is worth a wander through to see the eclectic mish-mash of items.


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