The Saturday Club : Alfies


Alfies, as always, is absolutely scrumptious food. For such a beautiful venue, the steep prices are worth every dollar – not like many flashy venues around town that boast a beautiful view and serve mediocre flab. With simple english staples such as bangers and mash, toad in a hole, fish and chips (lauded by some as the best bangers and mash / fish and chips in town) the food is subtly rich, flavourful and – as one of our guests said – is so deliciously easy to eat that they could very well order another to eat right then and there if they weren’t so full. The hearty portions are perfect for men or ladies alike – with all of our guests cleaning their plates quite completely For little madamoiselles there are also incredible salad or soup options, with the creamy lobster bisque being some of my favourite in town. I have started to order it every single time I go there, it is that smoothly loveable. Combined with wonderously un-oily (I don’t think that’s a word but hey ho) skinny fries and gorgeously fresh warm bread, kicking Illy coffee but rather wimpy lemon tea, Alfies makes a delightful impression that has left every one of our guests intent on coming back for more. As I’m sure you’ll find out for yourself!


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