Raven Reviews : Horizon Plaza, Ap Lei Chau

Horizon Plaza is a mystical place that is shrouded in intrigue, likely because so many people have heard about it, yet have never been there. Therefore, the fabulous myth of horizon plaza grows. Some tell of floor after floor filled with discounts, others tell of a place that has the highest quality furniture that one could want for. However, for the most part, many people find horizon plaza a complete mystery and don’t know whether to take the leap and venture out into the unknown warehouses of furniture heaven.

My own journey to Horizon Plaza proved that it can be an intimidatingly expansive place but is well worth knowing about. The furniture is not extremely cheap, but there are high quality items at discounted prices so it is a great place to go for purchasing at more attractive prices than in retail stores. When we went, we ended up getting a very good cross section of Horizon Plaza because my partner decided that we must walk up and around every single floor of 28 floors to be sure of every option available. Admittedly, if I had known we were going to do this, I would have insisted on starting from the top floor and working our way downwards, but it actually turned out to be a good mini afternoon workout and combined with a sense of adventure it gave us a good idea of what treasures Horizon Plaza holds. And there are a-plenty.

The entrance is next to the Auto Italia pre-owned Maserati and Ferrari store (for cars under 30,000miles) and the floor directory is only at the lift lobby, so it’s a good idea to take a photo of it or mark down the store details before going upstairs.

The lower floors are mostly furniture, with fashion boutiques and children’s goods on the higher floors. There are some truly beautiful Chinese furniture stores on the higher floors which have lovely antique looking items.
The fashion brand stores are okay, but not overly impressive. The Lane Crawford warehouse is not breathtaking (I prefer Pedder sales) but can be an option if you are eager to get some discounts on designer clothes. However, make sure you keep an eye on the discounting system since it can be a little unclear, with items discounted and displayed together, but marked with a differently coloured dot for different discount price ranges.

Because it’s so difficult to find a comprehensive guide to Horizon Plaza, I’ll be making another trip over there with the sole purpose of reposting this article with a more comprehensive store list, directory and review, so stay tuned for the update!

Raven Tao is a media personality and real estate agent and ambassador for Engel & Voelkers HK. She loves arts and culture, is fascinated by fashion and luxury, and is passionate about all things house and home. For more updates, LIKE her Facebook Page or visit www.RavenTao.com


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